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5 Epic Content Tricks to Learn from 5 Big Brands

Having a clear and catchy social strategy can rocket a brand towards engagement and conversions.  Adopting the tactics of these five brands just might lead to strategy success—all you need is a little creativity and dedication to your brand’s message.

Denny’s Tweets

Whether you’re hungry late at night or stumbling out of bed in the morning, you can always count on Denny’s food for nourishment—and on their snarky Twitter feed for hilarious pep.
Reliable and awesome wit drives home a consistent brand experience that makes consumers want to interact, and indeed, Denny’s has thousands of Twitter engagements. They know their audience when creating very engaging content around the most important meal of the day…or night…or second lunch.
Takeaway: Show consistency, and don’t fear having fun with your audience. It’s a party, so be the person everyone wants to socialize with.

PayPal Zombie Apocalypse Campaign

A great example of thinking outside of the box is PayPal’s zombie-themed campaign. PayPal took insights they gathered about their audiences’ interests and popped out this targeted video on Facebook reminiscent of Zombieland. It effectively grabbed attention while also promoting their thumbprint-scanning technology through the story. Timely and on point with current television trends, the campaign effortlessly blends fear, humor and new tech.
Takeaway: Study your audience and never underestimate a well-targeted pop-culture reference.

Home Depot’s Vines

Stop animation lures in coveted clicks and views, as many can appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating such videos. With over 277,000 loops, Home Depot’s holiday Vine from 2014 was proof positive. Though not actively posting on Vine these days, the brand made the most of this medium with compact step-by-step how-to’s and product demonstrations, garnering over 7,000,000 loops.
Worth noting is how their product promos unobtrusively blend in with the content. This is a great example of addictive, bite-sized content that’s not only targeted but also creatively develops an original, brand-oriented world an audience can connect with.
Takeaway: Invest time and budget into unique and creative tactics. It’ll pay off on social media channels that require attention-grabbing visuals on cluttered feeds.

Red Bull’s Content Marketing Wings

Red Bull is a king of content marketing, serving as a solid example of how to position a brand beyond the product. With just a caffeinated drink, they’ve managed to incorporate eye-grabbing activities like base jumping and competitive gaming.
Red Bull TV and other content has helped cement their brand in the marketing space, an investment that ended up tripling their sales in 2013 over a major competitor. Their journalistic dedication to these extreme stories is worth emulating for marketers who strive to build quality content that resonates.
Takeaway: Don’t get boxed in by your product, and never underestimate the power of content to impact revenue.

GoPro’s Videos

If anyone knows their niche well, it’s GoPro. Like Red Bull, GoPro does a fantastic job of selling a lifestyle with their product existing as a must-have accessory. But more importantly, they sell the trendy ability to share details of a thrilling lifestyle online. GoPro is winning across video platforms by tapping into an adventurous side that many consumers want in their lives.
Takeaway: Find out what content your customers are producing or want to produce, and get on board so that you can resonate with their goals.

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