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How to Use Telegram for Marketing

Telegram app logo on a phone

The Benefits of Telegram

Chatting from multiple devices might not be unique to Telegram, but its syncing capabilities are worth mentioning. The app’s speed, however, puts it in a class of its own, as Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application.

There are also virtually no limits on the size of your media, with Telegram supporting file attachments up to 2 GB in size. You can create groups that hold up to 200,000 members too. With an open API and source code, anyone can seamlessly integrate Telegram into their marketing toolbox.

More recent features include live stream recording, interactive emojis, chat themes, flexible forwarding, and read receipts in groups, among others.

Ways to use Telegram

How you use Telegram is determined by what you want to achieve. 

Are you looking to boost customer engagement? Drive traffic to your website or storefront? Automate tasks? Answer questions about products and services?

Your marketing goals will help determine how to use each of Telegram’s three formats: Channels, chatbots, and groups.

Using channels 

When you create a channel, only admins can post (in real time or by scheduling) and every member is alerted to the new post. Be sure to set your posts to silent at night to avoid loud notification alerts. Your channel will include the name of your choosing, a description, and a photo. Set the channel to public or private. Add members and be sure to create an invite link so members can invite friends.

Among other things, brands can use their channel to share news, introduce team members, tell the history of their brand, alert prospective customers to upcoming sales, and announce new products and services.

Try a chatbot 

Chatbots, those virtual assistants that use keywords to answer questions, can significantly decrease your customer service spend and increase customer satisfaction, when done well. The key is to create an extensive list of questions and answers to increase its “intelligence.” 

Set up properly, Telegram’s chatbots can handle a significant chunk of your customer service tasks. Prospective customers can use it to do virtually anything: search for flights, accept payments, send instructions, recommend products—even serve as an online store.

Create a group 

Unlike channels, Telegram’s groups allow messages to take control. Users can send photos, videos, audio files, and messages. As with the channels, groups can be set to public or private. 

In the Glitch Deals group on Telegram, for example, the company advertises hot deals on its website and uses the app to notify members of time-sensitive bargains. Likewise, the members of Telegram group Loot Deals stay up-to-date on the latest cash-back offers, promo codes, and shopping deals.

Brands with groups on Telegram can use the same strategies to share flash sales, BOGO deals, limited-quality items, and other time-sensitive promotions.

Marketing Strategies and Tools

Once your brand’s Telegram account, channels, and chatbot content are in place, your team can focus on marketing. Use these strategies to reach potential customers and clients, boost engagement, and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Create great content—and cross-promote it on other social media 

Use your other social media accounts to promote your Telegram group, channel, or event.

2. Use hashtags that clearly summarize your content and messaging

From #FreeTrial and #BlackFriday, hashtags can help potential customers find your products and services in a saturated market.

3. Pay for click-through ads on Telegram channels 

Clickable ads that take users right to a landing page for a special promotion help reduce your marketing spend by only requiring you to pay per click.

4. Advertise on Telegram influencers’ channels

Find influencers whose followers will likely be interested in your product and sponsor them to promote your product or service.

5. Pay for viewing ads

Use multiple channels related to your brand to advertise a product photo, video, or content. Next to the small eye icon at the bottom of your post you’ll see a number, which indicates the number of people who have seen that post (or the visits to that post).

6. Create a VIP group

Make your most loyal customers feel special by creating a private VIP group. Offer special deals and sneak peeks, ask about their favorite influencers, or get feedback on new features or services.

7. Promote your chatbot

Having a chatbot means nothing if no one knows it exists or prospects and customers can’t find it. Use a variety of methods to announce its launch and explain its features and benefits.

8. Create polls

Boost engagement with polls that not only help determine your brand’s next steps, but also give customers and prospects the feeling that their opinions are valued.

9. Build segmented groups

A key component of engagement will be targeted marketing within segmented groups. Choosing to make your groups public will allow any user to search and join. Some groups may need to be private to ensure your marketing is focused on the right audience.

10. Set up bot payments

In April 2021, Telegram added Payments 2.0, allowing brands to send invoices to any chat, including users, channels, and groups. Once complete, the bot can send a receipt with payment, shipping, and delivery information.