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Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

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Financial advisors have a lot to keep up with in their industry. From commodity prices and interest rates to regulatory tax changes and trending markets, staying up-to-date can feel daunting. But that information can also be valuable for content marketing. If you’re a financial advisor looking for unique and exciting ways to share your knowledge and experience with clients and prospects, consider these ideas and examples of content marketing for financial advisors. 

  1. E-books

So much of earning the trust of prospects is showing—and sharing—what you know. Communicating your expertise without direct selling allows potential clients to learn from you. The sheer nature of the financial industry makes long-form content a great option, and eBooks can serve as a catch-all tool for information, self-assessments, and real-life success stories.

Need an example? Check out Arroyo Investment Group’s free e-book, highlighting need-to-know factors about hiring a financial advisor to manage your money. The asset is gated, meaning you can collect leads with this valuable content. 

  1. Infographics

Few industries are as well-suited to infographics as the financial sector. With ever-changing regulations, markets, interest rates, and tax laws, financial advisors can easily turn data into visually appealing graphics to share on social media, emails, and newsletters. 

Check out this financial planning summary infographic that financial planning company Clarify Global shared on X. 

  1. Podcast

Podcasts have picked up steam these past few years, with auditory learners and multitasking listeners recognizing their value. For financial advisors looking to bulk up their content marketing, these episodic formats can provide time to go more in-depth on topics on your own or with a rotation of expert guests.

Get a feel for the opportunities by checking out the Clark Howard Podcast, which covers everything from investments and joint bank accounts to retirement planning and getting out of debt.

  1. Video lists

Lists themselves can provide lots of great information for clients or prospects while demonstrating your expertise in financial planning. But attention spans online are short; only some people want to read a text-heavy document. Instead, try creating a video of the material from your list, taking time to expand upon each item where it’s not self-explanatory. You can also turn each item into its video to give you more time to expound upon a topic.

Check out Russell Maltes on TikTok, where he shares “10 things I wouldn’t do as a financial advisor” with his 84.3K followers. 

  1. Explainer video

Your customers may have some idea of what you do to earn your income, but do all your prospects? Consider creating an introductory explainer video, not necessarily to detail who you are, but rather what a financial advisor does. Ensure you explain the benefits of hiring someone with knowledge and experience to help viewers understand the value they’ll receive in trusting you. 

New Zealand-based financial advisor Keith Ward created a short video for TikTok introducing the role of financial advisors and how they create a roadmap for clients who want to get from “where they are now to where they want to be.”

  1. Tip of the Day

You don’t always need the long format of YouTube or a podcast to share advice. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to getting and holding the attention of prospects. Something as simple as a tip of the day can be a branding tool, especially if you include your photo or logo. 

Financial advisor and certified divorce financial analyst Danielle Darling frequently shares a short snippet of advice in her tip of the day on Instagram. Some, such as “Open a high-yield savings account” and “An emergency fund should be your first priority,” are only one sentence. Others, such as “When to use your emergency fund,” are longer with bullet points.

  1. Video guides

Think of video guides as a cross between a podcast episode and a single chapter in a nonfiction book. Rather than covering a broad range of information, these condensed info sessions tend to focus on a narrow topic, such as “Investing in savings bonds.” The videos may offer tips, news, instructions, examples, and specific steps or information on how to get started. 

Curious what a video guide might look like for a financial advisor doing their own content marketing? Geoffrey Schmidt, CPA, international speaker, and the face behind the Holy Schmidt! social media channels have a couple of good examples on YouTube. Look at his 8-minute video explaining more about working while collecting Social Security. 

Take some time to research what other successful financial advisors are doing regarding content marketing. Beyond these assets, you may also want to explore blogs, white papers, webinars, webpages, or even memes — the latter of which can help showcase your personality and sense of humor. 

There’s no reason to get overwhelmed by the volume of content marketing in your industry. Instead, use it as inspiration to create your own branded content. 

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