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Content Marketing Ideas for the New Year

An influencer records herself holding sneakers on a camera

The new year opens the door to new creative content options. According to Insider Intelligence, 85.6% of companies will use content marketing online in 2023. Here are content marketing ideas for the new year. 

Gather and share New Year’s resolutions

Several approaches can be taken here. Brands can ask their customers to send in New Year’s resolutions and create content based on the best submissions as part of a user-generated content campaign. You can reward those you feature with free products or services, too. The products or services offered can be positioned and promoted in the content to help people accomplish their goals and resolutions. 

Brands can also create content announcing their New Year’s resolutions to give their customers more insight into what to expect in the new year. Use this as a creative way to bring buzz to an upcoming product launch or special announcement. 

Host a contest

Host a photo or video contest incorporating your products or services. Ask customers and social media followers for testimonials, to participate in a digital scavenger hunt, or talk about how your services have positively impacted their lives. The key here is to make it enjoyable, encourage your customers to get creative and offer a prize that is so worthwhile most people won’t ignore the contest.

Host an event 

Celebrate with your followers and customers by hosting an in-person or online event and implementing some party favor, whether it’s a physical or digital product. Create an exclusive offer for those who attend. Record this event and use it as content for YouTube, Reels and TikTok. Create a newsletter about it, recapping the highlights.

Another option is to create a video or a series of videos that showcase a party or event and make your products or services the focal point of the video, showing how your brand fits in naturally.

Share behind-the-scenes footage

Get a little more personal and allow customers to see behind the scenes. Share footage of orders being packed, sneak peeks for the upcoming year, the preparation for an event, how photoshoots are done, etc.

Create a countdown

Countdowns are a great way to grab people’s attention. Count down to something special planned for customers, like a launch or an exciting announcement. Drop hints via social media graphics and post a new update each day leading up to the launch or sale.

Ask for feedback on ways to improve in the new year

End the year on a great note and connect with followers and customers by asking for feedback. Create a survey sent in your newsletter and share it on social media. Ask customers what they would like to see improved and then share the results to show you are listening.