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Can AI Replace Content Marketing Writers?

New AI tools have marketers talking. Tools like ChatGPT can write anything from a Facebook message to a blog post with a human-like feel. These tools act as supercharged chatbots that can interpret requests and complete tasks, like writing an article, in seconds. 

Research shows content marketers believe it will take three to five years before AI writing is indistinguishable from copywriters, according to Insider Intelligence. While AI has benefits, its capabilities have industry leaders wondering, can AI replace content marketing writers? 

While AI can help content marketers, we do not believe the buzzworthy tech can replace content marketing writers. 

Top 3 reasons why AI won’t replace copywriters

There’s no question that AI can help marketers. It can perform many tasks that save time, but writing may not be where AI shines. Here’s why AI can’t outperform real content marketing writers: 

It lacks authenticity

Content marketing writers have a strong knowledge of a company, its mission and its products. They understand their target audience, and they write content that evokes emotion. 

Even though you can give AI tools direction to produce more focused content, the result often lacks authenticity. AI can’t incorporate anecdotes or tell a story.

Most pieces written by AI are fairly general. They pull in a string of facts from its available resources, and while it’s impressive that it can generate an article in seconds, it tends to fall flat. It lacks explanation and emotion. It can also contain inaccuracies.

AI-produced content won’t likely be favored by Google

Content marketers often have SEO knowledge that complements their writing skills. They can structure a post and add keywords that improve its chances of appearing high in search results. 

While AI can help you identify keywords, adding them coherently to copy is a work in progress. 

Even if AI tools beef up their SEO skills, Google has suggested that AI content won’t take priority over original content written by humans. 

In a recent announcement, Google said it’s improving search methods “to make it easier for people to find helpful content made by, and for, people.” The change, dubbed Google’s Helpful Content Update, has already taken effect.  

While Google doesn’t call out AI developers, marketers say Google simply can’t support a future where search results are copies of copies of AI-generated text

Even the best text must be proofread

AI tools skipped 7th-grade grammar class. 

AI-generated content often has awkward phrases, run-on sentences, or other issues that require editing. Most AI tools even come with a “be sure to read the text before you publish it” disclaimer. Some content can be outdated or irrelevant.

Yes, editing a piece of content is faster than writing the whole thing, but the editing process is usually part of a content writer’s process. They write and edit as they go. So, when a piece of content is delivered, it’s 99% polished and ready to go. 

If a brand switched to all AI-produced content, editing would take a significant amount of time.  

How can AI help content marketers?

Some of AI’s best features focus on customer service instead of marketing. AI-driven chatbots can answer common questions, provide helpful online resources, and connect customers with representatives if a problem is too big for them to manage. 

However, there are AI applications that can benefit content marketers. Within the marketing world, AI can:

Brainstorm content ideas

If you explain what you’re writing about and who you’re writing to, AI tools can help you brainstorm topic ideas. It’s always tough to keep a steady stream of ideas, so AI can help boost your ongoing need to create fresh titles. 

Identify keywords

AI can help you find keywords that pertain to your topic. While it struggles to add them to copy in a relatable way, a list of keywords is helpful for a content writer. It could ease the need to do SEO keyword research, provided it was given specific instructions on the type of keywords you want. 

Craft short snippets of text

For smaller companies, where one marketer handles content, social media, and email marketing, AI can help you craft small text snippets like a Facebook post or a promotional sentence or two for an email campaign. 

AI has a lot of potential, and marketing teams should experiment with its abilities to see how it can support your work. In years to come, AI will evolve, but tech can’t replace the human touch provided by content marketing writers. 

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